Theory Class Week 4 – 30th January

There was a bit of confusion in the ballet class the previous week over chassés; even when given the name of a chassé dancers weren’t sure which direction they were going in. So this week we looked at the directions/instructions given in the names of some of the chassés (ouvert, croisé, en avant, en arierre) and lots more dance terms besides; both ballet and tap.

Here are the dance terms that you were given:

  • Derierre
  • En arierre
  • Double beat
  • Sharp rhythm
  • Croisé
  • Devant
  • Ouvert
  • Scuff
  • Treble beat
  • Single beat
  • Pick-up step
  • En l’air
  • Exercises
  • En avant
  • A terre
  • Flat rhythm
  • Drop

And here are the meanings (not in the same order):

  • Even
  • To loosen and strengthen the joints
  • A beat with three sounds
  • Has a pause the length of the beat between each beat
  • To the front
  • Crossed
  • A beat with one sound
  • In the air
  • A stamp carried forward
  • A beat with two sounds
  • On the ground
  • Behind
  • A Pick-up and a step
  • To the back
  • In the form of a cross
  • Open
  • In front

You got them all correct in class and found the one term and the one meaning that don’t match and I just threw in there to confuse you, but can you remember all the answers now?

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