Theory Class Week 2 – 16th January


This week we had a tap quiz. Working together as a group we picked some questions at random that could be from any grade, Preliminary – Elementary. The questions (that Jacqui can remember) were:

  1. What is a flap?
  2. What is a treble with a step?
  3. What is a pick-up spring?

See if you can remember the answers. If you remember any more of the questions we picked out post them in the comments below or remind Jacqui in class.


We then moved onto ballet, and talked about how for some steps the name, how you do the step, and the basic theory link together to make a triangle. If you know one point of the triangle it can help you to work out the others. These are the triangles that we looked at but there are more:


If you can think of a step that works as a triangle (where there’s a clue in the name to how it’s done or the basic theory) then please share it with the group).

Helpful tip of the week!

Some people find it helps them to remember if they copy out their theory. To make this more interesting you can write it out as a memory snail. To do this write the theory for a step out in a spiral and turn it into a snail:


Display these in your bedroom or on your fridge to help remind you of your theory.

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