Theory Class Week 3 – 23rd January

We talked about how it’s easier to remember something if you understand it and spent some time looking at the longer answers to questions that you might get asked. These included:

  • What is an Attitude? (Grades 2 and 4 ballet)
  • What is an Arabesque? (Grades 2 and 3 ballet)
  • What is a Pick-up? (Grades 4 and Elementary tap)
  • What is Syncopated? (Grades 5 and Elementary tap)
  • What is Cross Rhythm? (Grades 5 and Elementary tap)

See if you can remember the answers and check them with your theory booklets. Remember, while you’re going through your theory at home, if you come across any answers that you don’t understand just show it to Jacqui and she’ll explain it to you. Chances are, if you’re finding it difficult the rest of your grade are too.

We also touched a little on Sharp and Flat Rhythm (Grades 3 and Elementary tap); what Sharp Rhythm is, what Flat Rhythm is, and counting out the rhythms. Here’s a couple of questions for you to practice:

  • Three counts to a beat, four beats in a bar, flat rhythm?
  • Two counts to a beat, three beats in a bar, sharp rhythm?

When you’re taking a break in class, why not get your classmates to test you on your Sharp and Flat Rhythm? Remember you must be able to answer Sharp and Flat Rhythm questions before you can take the Grade Three tap examination.

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